We Purchase Used Casings


At Seng Tire, we buy used commercial truck tires every day.

Why sell your used truck tires to Seng Tire?

  • No tires we take end up in a landfill
  • We are licensed and bonded
  • We take complete responsibility for the liability of the tires once they leave your facility
  • We pay you for your tires
  • Our service creates a positive impact to your company’s bottom line

Our tire stock inventory is in constant rotation.  For current levels of cap & casings tires, please see our Commercial Tires section.

Seng Tire is looking to meet dealers, retailers, and companies who are:

  • interested in exporting used truck tires, casings and new retreads by container load
  • truck stops who are interested in buying good used truck tires and new retreads
  • interested in buying or selling used truck tires and casings
  • tire re-treaders interested in quality casings
  • trucking companies, tire recyclers, truck stops, scrap haulers, and junkers